Winks Greene Transeva

Suitable for treating:



Pains & Strains


Bells Palsy



Temporary Relief

Nerve Injuries




  1. Accurate diagnosis of injuries and treatment of the same.
  2. Utter safety of use.
  3. A vast variety of muscular-skeletal problems than can be treated with positive results.
  4. Simplicity of use which encourages common sense methods.

The Winks Greene Transeva is the Result of continued extensive development of a physiotherapeutic machine using Faradic principles. It is based on the innovative work started over 50 years ago by Sir Charles Strong - specialist physiotherapist to the Royal Family

The appearance has been refined to allow portability, ease and safety of use, while the ancillaries include equipment suitable for treating  both humans and animals.

Flexible Controls to allow for the treatment of a variety of ailments

Winks Greene Transeva Guide


  • Muscle Elasticity - Irritability and Contractability (i.e. Muscle tone) is rapidly returned to normal
  • An increase of blood is brought to the muscles and the neighbouring tissue with all the attendant beneficial physiological chemical consequances.
  • Waste tissue products are rapidly cleaned away and stagnation of lymph, with serious sequelae, is prevented.
  • A large supply of oxygen and nourishment is brought to the injured part.
  • Rapid absorbtion of fluid and extravasated blood and lymph is actively promoted.
  • Beneficial chemical and physical changes after muscle activity takes place.
  • Lymph formation is prevented by the muscular contractions, and the dangers of adhesions are minimised.
  • As the movements do much to prevent stagnation of lymph in aerolar tissue in the joint interspaces, the danger of aerolar tissue losing suppleness and flexibility, so nescessary for for joint action, is diminished.
  • In the later stages of sprains, or if treatment has been long delayed, and adhesions have formed in the muscles and periarticular tissues, the adherent surfaces are gently and gradually torn apart by causing increasingly powerful contractions to the muscles separately.
  • Muscles are prevented from wasting, particularly if treatment is given soon after injury. Muscles already wasted increase in bulk.
  • No attempt is made to cut short the process of inflamation but to guide and control the process.

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